Jazzbourne is a cashless venue.


Our venue accepts you for whoever you are.

But we don’t accept cash.


We accept card, mobile and contactless payments only.  There is no cash kept on the premises. Here’s why…

1. It’s safer for our staff and community

Having no cash on the premises is safer for everyone, as we’re less of a target for theft.

2. It’s safer for you

Less cash handling (and especially contactless payments) help prevent the spread of germs and make our venue more Covid-safe.

3. Faster service

Cash handling bottlenecks slow down the flow of service.  Faster checkout means you get your tickets and drinks faster.

4. Less time counting, more time being awesome

It takes hours everyday for a small business to deal with all the aspects of cash management. This time is better spent working to bring you wonderful culture and be an excellent venue.

We accept contactless, mobile and chip-and-PIN payments from:

Payment types accepted
Payment Options

Of course, if our cashless policy causes you any difficulty in attending our venue, please get in touch with us to discuss any requirements prior to your visit. We will do our utmost to accomodate all customers to the best of our ability.