Advanced Swing Dance Class

A weekly Monday night Advanced Lindy Hop class taught by Sharon Davis & Joel Ovonlen-Jones! For experienced swing dancers. Walk-ins welcome. Learn to swing dance at Jazzbourne. Fun adult dance lessons London.

Advanced Swing Dance Class

A weekly Monday night Advanced Lindy Hop class taught by Sharon Davis and Joel Ovonlen-Jones! This is a 90-minute advanced level dance class. You don’t need to bring a partner, we will rotate partners in class. This is a drop-in class, walk-ins very welcome. Please read the level description to make sure you are ready to take this class. This class is for experienced swing dancers.

When? 8.30pm-10.00pm Mondays, with optional practice time afterwards. Doors open for registration from 8pm, so come early to get a drink and warm up before class.

Where? Jazzbourne, 443 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA

Class Prices

Book online: 

  • Classes booked online cost £15 per class or 1 class credit.
  • Packages: Get discounts by purchasing a package of class credits online (£50 for 4 classes / £100 for 10 classes).
  • To use class credits to pay for a class, purchase the package first to load the credits onto your account. Then book a class while logged in to your account and a credit will be deducted at the final checkout stage.

Pay at the Door:

  • Booking is not essential, walk-ins are very welcome. If paying at the door, the price per person is £15.
  • Monday Door Special: take the 7pm Jazz class and the 8.30pm Lindy Hop class for £25 for both if you pay at the door.
  • We are cashless, so card and contactless payments only please.


What is the level?

This is a Level 3 class for experienced Lindy Hoppers who are very confident with their repertoire and are looking to challenge themselves with advanced connection, challenging moves, sweet rhythms, musicality, style and speed. You have probably been dancing for a number of years, and you have taken part in workshops as well as regular classes. You are confident to social dance with any partner. You can comfortably social dance Lindy Hop from slow tempos (around 120bpm) to fast (around 200bpm at least). Your Swing Out and Lindy Circle should be comfortable, and you should already know a number of different footwork variations and styles (including swivels for followers). You also have some experience with solo jazz, and you know the Shim Sham well.  Here are some examples of some moves that you hopefully already know and are comfortable with: Swing Outs with inside turns or outside turns, Texas Tommy, Pop Turns, Double Turnout, Tandem Charleston, Points, Barrel Rolls, Cuddle/Basket, Hand-to-Hand Charleston, Jig Walks, Sailor Kicks, Sugar Pushes, Minnie Dip, Frankie Sixes, Switches, Quick Stop. At this stage in your dancing, you appreciate that levelling up takes focused effort and you are prepared to invest in yourself to get there.

Is this a walk-in class or a course?

This is a walk-in class, so you can start anytime and drop in when you like. You don’t need to take these classes in any particular order and it’s no problem if you miss a week or attend irregularly.

Will we learn both dance roles or only one role in this class?

This is a traditional Lindy Hop class, meaning you will have to choose at the start of the class whether you want to learn the “Leader” role or the “Follower” role. We encourage all our students to try both roles, because they are both fun in different ways. At the start of each class the teacher will ask you to choose the role you would like to dance today. You can always choose the other role next time! All our classes are gender-neutral.


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Photo credit: Matt Christie.

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Jazzbourne, 443 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA

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