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Bookings & Tickets FAQ

How do I book? What are the different booking options?

You can usually book classes or events at Jazzbourne in two ways:

1. Book on EventBrite: EventBrite is a popular and easy-to-use ticketing platform. Click on the “Book on EventBrite” link on the event page and you will be taken to the correct booking page on the EventBrite website in a new tab. Alternatively visit the Jazzbourne EventBrite profile page to see all our events available to book through EventBrite. EventBrite may charge an additional booking fee.


2. Book through our Members Area: it is completely free to become a Member, and once you have created an account you can book your place in classes/events in our Members Booking Area.  The Members Area makes it easier to make multiple bookings in one transaction (for example, if you want to book a series of classes in a row). Members also can purchase prepaid packages for our classes and weekly events that give a great discount.

Occasionally we have events at Jazzbourne that are independently promoted, so there may be a booking link on an event page that takes you to an independent third-party ticketing page.

What is the cancellation policy?

(Note: independently promoted events at Jazzbourne have a cancellation policy set by the event organisers, which may differ from the standard Jazzbourne cancellation policy below.)

  • All bookings are non-refundable.
  • If you cancel your booking more than 48 hours before the class or event, we can give you a credit to use for a future booking. Or if you wish to pass your booking or credit on to another person, that is fine with us.
  • No-shows and cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will not be refunded and no credit given. This is because our events have limited capacity and we will probably have turned away other people for the place you booked. Thank you for understanding.
  • If you can’t make it to your booking, please cancel with us as soon as possible, so we can offer your place to someone else.

Members Booking FAQ

How do I become a member? Is it free?

It’s completely free to register as a member.

(If you already have an account with JazzMAD or booked any event through, you do not need to register again and your login details have not changed.)

Sign up to make future orders faster and easier.

Our Members Booking Area uses a system called Bookeo, which lets members:

  • make multiple bookings at once (for example, book 4 weeks of Life Drawing sessions quickly and easily)
  • buy prepaid packages to get great discounts on regular classes or events
  • request a private lesson
  • request to hire the venue
  • and more!

To register now click here.

Read our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions.

An event I want to book is not shown in the Members Booking area. How do I book?

Looking for an event at Jazzbourne, but can’t find it in the Members Booking area? It may be an independently promoted event. 

To book it, return to the public events calendar to find the event. Then follow the ticketing link from the event page.

Where do I purchase a pre-paid package?

Members can purchase prepaid packages for great discounts on regular events & classes at Jazzbourne.

Purchase a prepaid package by clicking here.

Once purchased, the package of credits will be applied to your account. Then you can use the credits to book your preferred sessions. Credits last for 12 months.

I purchased a pre-paid package. How do I book using my credits?

If you purchased a prepaid package, you have credit(s) on your account. First make sure you are logged in to your account in the members booking area. Find the event(s) you want to book. Proceed through the booking process. At the final stage of the booking process, your credits will be deducted from your account (instead of being asked for payment).

I purchased a pre-paid package. Can I walk-in without booking and use my credits at the door?

Yes! Just let the door attendant know you want to use your credits from your member’s account. Tell them your name, and they will deduct a credit from your account.

Dance Class FAQ

What is the class level?

Beginners (level 1) – this class is for absolute beginners, learning to dance from scratch. No experience needed.

Improvers (level 1.5) – some experience in this dance style is recommended. This level is for students that have already learned the fundamentals of this particular dance style.

Intermediate (level 2) – you should be very comfortable with the fundamentals already and looking to expand your repertoire, practice core skills and improve your technique.

Advanced (level 3) – try advanced skills, learn choreographies, build your strength and balance, and explore and develop your personal style. 

What will we learn in the Lindy Hop beginners class?

The style of dance we will be learning is called Lindy Hop. This is the original swing dance from the 1930s and 40s. If you hear someone say “I’m a swing dancer” they probably mean they are a Lindy Hopper.

The exact steps and moves we learn each week changes and rotates, covering all the fundamentals of Lindy Hop: 6-count, 8-count and Lindy Charleston. In each class you will learn the basic footwork and a handful of moves.

What should I wear/bring?

Clothes: Casual or smart casual is fine! Just wear comfortable clothes that allow for unrestricted movement. Some people like to get into the 1930s/1940s spirit by dressing in vintage style, some might come in jeans and a T-shirt, and others will be dressed like you would, say, to go out to a bar. 

Shoes: If you plan on dancing, please no high heels or shoes that will scratch or mark Jazzbourne’s beautiful dancefloor. Swing dancers usually wear flat, closed shoes like trainers, brogues or plimsolls. Once you really get into it, you’ll probably want to invest in some shoes with leather or suede soles – but street shoes like trainers will be absolutely fine to get started with.  We love talking about shoes, so feel free to ask your teacher for the lowdown on the best shoes for swing dancing. 

What else to bring: Remember that Jazzbourne is a cashless venue, so be prepared to pay by card or contactless.  If you are lucky enough to look under 25, please be prepared to show valid photo ID to prove you are over 18 when buying alcohol. Please bring minimal possessions as it is a small venue and the cloakroom may not be operating.

What time should I arrive for the Wednesday Swing Club?

Coming to the class? Doors open at 6.30pm. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins to register or check-in. Come early so you can grab a drink from the bar before class begins.

Just coming for the social? The class will finish around 8pm-ish. If you arrive earlier, there may still be a class going on.

Last drinks will be served by the bar at 10.30pm, and the venue closes at 11pm.

I don't have a partner. Can I still take a swing dance class?

Yes! You don’t need a partner to attend. You will be rotating partners in class, so you get to dance with lots of different people.

We don't want to change partners. Can we attend as a couple and only dance together?

Yes, no problem. Just let the teacher know before the class begins. They will tell you where to stand, so that you don’t get mixed up in the partner rotation. 

Life Drawing FAQ

What is life drawing?

Life drawing, also sometimes known as figure drawing, is drawing the human form from life – meaning with a live model. In a life drawing session, there will be a model (generally nude) surrounded by artists. The model will pose in different positions and for different durations – some for just a few minutes (for quick sketches) and some for much longer.

The style of the drawing is completely up to each artist, and everyone in the room might have different levels of experience. Some popular mediums used during life drawing are graphite pencils, charcoal or pastels.

For beginners, life drawing is a fun creative outlet and a way to start learning to draw the human form. It’s also very relaxing, with a calm atmosphere and a focused activity that will take your mind away from your daily cares!

For artists, regular life drawing is an important part of their creative practice, to develop and explore their personal style, and practice fundamental skills like observation, mark-making, form, proportion, perspective, light and shadow.

I have zero art experience, is this for me?

Absolutely, all are welcome and there are always first-timers in the room! This is an ideal evening to introduce you to the pleasures of life drawing. Enjoy a drink and the jazzy soundtrack while you try your hand at figure drawing with a life model in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. We can provide you with basic drawing materials, so you don’t need to bring anything. We promise a supportive space to explore your creativity.

I’m an experienced artist, is this for me?

Also yes! Our evening is run by professional artists and life models, who know exactly what is needed for the best life drawing experience. Expect experienced professional models, raised platforms, short and long poses, interesting lighting and a glamorous setting. We hire a diverse rotation of models, pay our models a fair wage and treat them with respect.

What kind of models do you have?

There is a different model each week, drawing from our pool of experienced, professional life models. We are proud to present a diverse lineup of models, giving you the opportunity to draw the human form in all its glorious variety. This includes men, women, trans and non-binary models, models from different ethnic and racial backgrounds, models of all (adult) ages, body types, abilities, backgrounds, styles and aesthetics. We do not always advertise the model of the week, as sometimes our model bookings change at the last minute.

There’s a naked person, is it awkward?

Not at all, we promise. If you’ve never tried Life Drawing before, it’s common to worry that it will feel uncomfortable to sit in a room with a nude stranger. But 5 minutes into your first session, you’ll realise this is a non-problem. We promise the atmosphere is not at all awkward – it’s chilled out and friendly. Your host, the artist Nick that runs the evening, will explain how it all works and guide you through the session. Don’t worry, it’s not a quiet room – there’s some lovely calm jazz playing at all times, there might be a bit of chat and a few laughs. Remember, Life Drawing is a centuries-old established art tradition. It’s a part of formal art education in academic institutions and it’s a vital part of many artists’ practice. Put simply, for artists, life drawing with a nude model is totally normal. And of course, the nude individual in question is an experienced, professional life model. They love what they do, take it seriously and love being a part of artists’ creative expression. Our attendees tell us after the session they feel relaxed and focused, that they quickly forget about everyone else in the room while they are drawing and that the time just flies by.

Who runs Life Drawing at Jazzbourne?

This evening is organised by professional artist Nick Cuthell ( A brief bio: “Nick Cuthell is a New Zealand artist living and working in the UK. He trained at the Charles Cecil studios in Florence and the Art Students League of New York. Nick has a well developed portrait practice and has painted many notable sitters including Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Nick has taught artists of all levels in the UK and New Zealand, with a particular focus on portraiture, still life, the figure, and landscape painting, he hopes to share his great love for drawing and painting in all his work.